Magic with Multiples

Wondering what multiples are? They’re as simple as they sound! A multiple is just a large number of one element of decor that gives an improved sense of aesthetic.We often use mirrors to give the effect of symmetry and multiples but multiples are the real deal and look all the more glamorous.

Awesome Artwork: Fill your empty walls with similar or themed artwork from the ceiling to the floor. Using duplicate frames, display the same artwork over and over again and create a sense of domination you just can’t take your eyes off of!


Lingering Lights:multiple lights are a win-win. They make the room brighter while imbibing a sense of luxury. Multiple lights are a staple in high rise ceilings and with all decorative lighting. Multiple lights are also a key factor in creating symmetry in a room.


Anything at all!: As we mentioned before, everything works with multiples. From pillows, to stacked bookshelves, vases, decorative bowls, plants, junk décor, hangings, wallpapers and everything else you can imagine. So get multiplying!