Our Favorite Home Decor Trends of the Year

Art aesthetics: Nothing speaks class and sophistication like some tasteful art. And your art pieces need not be limited to the wall, sculptures, pottery, tapestries and even junk art (if it fits the décor) can turn the look of a room around.
Curated curtains: Curtains are so much more than shade from the sun, they are a view themselves and deserve to be invested in. Curtains should compliment your wall paint while blinds can create the effect of a continuous and beautiful wall.
Green goals: Your “living” spaces deserve some life in them, right? Plants are an opportunity to add some beautiful flower pots along with greenery to revel in.
Carpet comfort: Your feet deserve to feel at home, too. And the touch of a carpet on the sole is like a hug. Carpets can either compliment the drapes and wall décor or simply cover up an unseemly floor.
Mirror magic: Adding extra room, reflecting the best aspect of a space, indulging your own vanity; what can a mirror not do? Apart from these ground breaking additions, the mirror itself should be pleasing to the eye, with many antique and stylish designs available in the market.